About Us

Safeguard Uniforms was born of a tradition of quality and value in defense of trends toward diminished standards. With more than half a century of combined industry experience, the creators implement their time-tested commitment in pursuit of innovation, quality, value, and service.

We are not just continuing a tradition. Our mission is to protect and support our customers, the men and women of the law enforcement community, who we depend on every day.  These men and women who dedicate their lives to keep our communities safe are the source of our commitment that binds us together as an organization.  Our dedication to this community is directly reflected in our comprehensive approach Safeguard Uniforms has adopted. Our extensive network of factories, comprehensive global sourcing, and onsite management provides us with the operational control that makes innovation and affordability possible. They permit us to ensure the highest quality product at the best possible value.  The continually changing needs of our customers could not be met in any other process. 

At Safeguard Uniforms, customer satisfaction is not only a regulative ideal. It is hardwired into everything we do–starting with the production process itself.  When it comes to our customers, not a single thread is neglected. The business of keeping our communities safe belongs to us all, and Safeguard Uniforms is honored to play its part.   

Respect Each Thread


Our Commitment

At Safeguard, the balance of quality and value is our commitment to those who is dedicated to serve and protect.  We maintain high standards and pursue innovative solutions to make quality affordable for the men and women who deserve it the most.