How do I order your uniforms online?
Our uniforms are available through our Authorized Dealers.  To find a Dealer near you, go to homepage menu and click on LOCATE DEALER.  Once you navigate to the new page, there are two tabs to choose LOCAL DEALER and ONLINE DEALER.  Use filters and choose the dealer of your choice.

Where do I find prices on your uniform?
Please contact one of our Authorized Dealer for pricing and availability.  


How can I login to Dealer's Portal?
Dealer's Portal is only available to our Authorized Dealers.  Once your business has been approved, we will create an account so that you may login, access account summary, view in-stock inventory, place orders, and etc..

Where can I get more information on Safeguard products?
For more information about our product, please download our catalog here   You may also click on Product Detail page and click on PDF image to download PDF file for you to print.

Do you run promotions and discounts?
We do run promotions and discounts with our Dealers and also to the Public Safety Community through our social network channels.  To participate in Exclusive Sales, please check enable Newsletter in your Account Summary page.  Please join us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin for exclusive deals, events, and new product alerts.


How do sizes run?
Some products run large and some may run true to size.  For more information, please look at the size specification for each product. Click here to view size specification for all of our products.

Where do I find the size in my garment?
Size label for most shirts and outerwear jackets can be found near the main label near the collar.  For pants and trousers, it is typically found near the waistband.

Where do I find the care label in my garment?
Each garmet may have different Care labels locations.  For shirts and jackets, they can be found inside the garment towards the waist. In pants, it is found near the waist band.

Which garments are Dry Clean only?
Please refer to the care label of your garment.

How do I know if I can machine wash my garment?
Please refer to the care label of your garment.