Take this measurement over the garments that will be worn under the item being ordered.


Measure around the fullest part of the chest, under the arms and across the shoulder blades in the back.The tape should be snug but  not too tight. Keep tape parallel to the floor. Round up to the nearest full inch, do not round down. 


Bend the arm at the elbow and hold arm out in front, parallel to the floor as if looking at a watch.  Then, measure from the center back of the neck at the base of the neck, over the top of the shoulder, around the extended elbow, and down to the wristbone.  Record this sleeve size rounded up to the nearest full inch. Do not round down.


Wrap a tape measure around the base of the neck allowing enough room for comfortable singing, preaching, or normal head and neck movement.  This measurement should correspond to a shirt collar size. Round this measurement up to the nearest full inch. 

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